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So, what IS the MGB Investing Starter Kit?

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Glad you asked! There are three answers: It's a beginner's investing philosophy, a WORKSHOP you can take, and a process that has 12 steps. And it's this website!

The investing philosophy is very simple. We believe that if you want to get started with investing, you should TAKE OUR $98 CLASS!

But if you don't want to do that, all the information you need to get started with investing is in this blog.

2. There are just two things you should hold in that account:

  1. Cash (like what you'd hold in a savings account) and

And that's it! Simple, right? If it doesn't seem simple to you, or if you'd like refinements, please take our class!

The MGB Investing Starter Kit Process is being taught in a 90 minute workshop that you can learn more about by clicking HERE, and to sign up, click HERE.

The goal is financial fluency and financial freedom for all. With a long-term, patient and disciplined approach, I believe that's in reach for everyone.

Thanks for reading this! Leave a message in the comments if you have any questions or ideas!

Note: The MGB Investing Starter Kit account has launched! We have completed working through our waitlist, and we are not taking on any new investors. We believe in teaching YOU how to manage your own account, you don't need to pay us to do that. YOU CAN DO THIS!

Quick Links:

What is Money? is HERE

What is Investing? is HERE

Sign up for The MGB Investing Starter Kit waitlist HERE.

And sign up for the next 90 minute workshop by clicking HERE.

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