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Step 2--Digit Tally!

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Repetition of this key strategy for the Investing Starter Kit Process! Step 2!

Are you keeping a digit tally? What method do you use?

Here's the link to our free Digit Tally Money Tracker on Google Sheets.

And if that link doesn't work, copy and paste this into your browser:

Here's a link to YOU NEED A BUDGET

Or use this link here:

There's. a free trial of YNAB for 34 days, where you can play with the service. I really think it's great.

Here's a link to the accounting ledger I show in the video:

And finally, good old pen and paper.

Might as well use this space to support a couple of lovely Black Owned Businesses, Effie's Paper!

And Copper and Brass

(I haven't bought these pens, but I especially like the looks of the purple one: "Mood--CEO")

Also, those aren't affiliate links, just two companies I admire.

The power of monitoring our expenses gives us incredible clarity and makes it possible to be a fully aware investor.

Let me know in the comments how it's going for you? And, as always, thanks for being here. Happy end of Black History Black Futures Month!

Quick Links:

Step 1 in The MGB Investing Starter Kit Process is HERE.

Step 2 is on this page!

Step 3 is HERE.

What is Money? is HERE

What is Investing? is HERE

What is The MGB Investing Starter Kit? is HERE

To join for our next MGB Investing Starter Kit Workshop, sign up HERE and for more info, go HERE.

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Britt Johnson
Britt Johnson
Mar 10, 2023

Started my YNAB trial ✅ I’m excited (and a bit nervous) to begin Step 2! Expense tracking is a bit daunting for me, personally — but I know these are necessary growing pains!

- Britt

Hello MGB [MultiGenerational.Black]
Hello MGB [MultiGenerational.Black]
Jun 12, 2023
Replying to

Thank you for posting this, Britt! And I'm sorry that our settings had me not see it until now. It has been about 3 months--how is it going with expense tracking? 3 months is a solid amount of data! Would love to hear how it's all going.

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