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Step 10: write your will…

They say that that nothing is certain except death and taxes... We talked about taxes in step 6. Now, let's talk about death! No one here gets out alive... So might as well not leave a mess! That's where 'ESTATE PLANNING' comes in, which basically just means--figuring out what happens to our stuff after we make our transition from our earthly bodies.

'You can't take it with you,' is another fun phrase--too true. So let's make a plan. It's not morbid, it is actually just good self care, and trust me, you'll feel better once you have done it. As I mention in the video--Planning for your death is actually a omen for long life, in some cultures, according to a trusts and estates lawyer I spoke with once. It's also the kindest thing to do for the people we leave behind, to make it easy for them to handle our affairs.

My father certainly did that for my mother, sister and me, by having a very clear estate plan that was easy for us to follow. It didn't make his death any easier, but it thankfully didn't make it harder! Thanks, Dad.

Here is a free resource you can use to make your will. It's free because they have partnered with over 150 different not-for-profits who can be listed as potential beneficiaries if you don't have any descendants to take your stuff when you die. Smart! a little intense, but still, it makes sense. And you don't need to tell the not-for-profit that they are a beneficiary, so there's no motives for anyone when you create this free will. It just requires an email address, and you can use the 'hide my email' feature, or make up a new, non-identifying email address, if you'd like. You don't even need to get it notarized, unless you live in Louisiana. You'll just need two witnesses to make it legal.

We are not affiliates of this company, and please use at your own discretion:

Let me know how that goes? and GOOD FOR YOU for considering it!

Do you have a will already? How about a Health Care Proxy? or a Power of Attorney? or even Term Life Insurance? If not, what might be stopping you from getting them? Maybe do some writing in your Money Journal to work through any resistance?

And if you do have these things, are they updated? Do your people know where to find it? Let me know in the comments, if you're...willing (heh heh)

Thanks for considering this difficult topic. And as always, thanks for reading this!

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