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What is Money?

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Hi All! Happy June! For this post, I'll address this thing that we all have have a relationship with-- M O N E Y.

What is money, really? What gives it its value?

Money is a means of exchange, a way to store value, created entirely by our collective belief in it. Money evolved from the barter system, and is no longer tied to any underlying gold stores--that ended in the 70's. So today, the money system is really a measure of how much confidence we have in each other, our countries, its businesses, and the world!

Let me know your thoughts about this definition of money, in the comments? And going forward, I'll be posting a new post at least every Tuesday! Thanks for reading this!

Pictured: Money from my travels of the last 20 years. I LOVED going to the continent of Africa and seeing Black people On the Money, literally!

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