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What is Kiplinger's and why might you subscribe?

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Hello and thanks for following this blog. I'm writing today to recommend a magazine that provides quality financial education monthly, that, by subscribing and reading it regularly, you can help yourself improve your financial fluency, and ideally, achieve financial freedom more quickly.

First, a story: I like having conversations with Black people who have worked out their money game well, asking them how they did it. I was really surprised when in the space of about a week this past summer, two separate and unrelated people told me that their success came almost entirely from subscribing to Money Magazine, and reading it cover to cover every month, starting in their 20's or 30's. One of these people has now retired comfortably at 65, and the other is a 50-something who owns property and has financial freedom. This is a process over time!

So, Money Magazine gave better investing info than their ability to manage a successful magazine, because the company went defunct several years ago, unfortunately. But now, there's another magazine that seems to have picked up where Money Magazine left off: Kiplinger's.

They have a deal going now for the end of the year where you can order a new yearlong subscription for $19.95 (it's normally $29.95)

That link is HERE. (We are not affiliates of this company and we don't benefit from your subscription, just fyi.)

Also, Kiplinger's isn't a Black-owned company, but they do have at least one Black writer on their payroll, thankfully, although I'd like to see more. But nonetheless, the information is useful, and as I always say: Money is green. We can and should learn the tools from those who are successful, regardless of race.

For example, here's a good article on the different S&P 500 ETFs available. Note: Please don't let any jargon intimidate you, and please ignore anything other than the first 5 recommendations unless you feel ready to get complex about it.

Understanding this article can really help you to get started with investing, which is the whole point of this Investing Starter Kit blog!

Will you subscribe to Kiplinger's? Do you already? And what do you think of that article on different ETFs? Let me know in the comments! And as always, thanks for reading this!

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