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What's your voting plan?

Election Day is tomorrow, Tuesday November 8! Yay, Democracy! If you haven't already voted early (I have!), do you have your plan in place for how you'll cast your vote and make your voice heard? Every Vote Counts! And the health of our democracy depends on all eligible voters taking the time to cast their ballots.

How does voting relate to creating multigenerational wealth? Our country is (for the most part!) a stable democracy, with the most regulated stock market in the world. This creates an environment where people feel safe to invest their money here. Feeling safe is a key element for health and wealth, and our elected officials can play a huge role in how safe we feel. So make sure that your government represents you, and cares about what makes you feel safe. Let's vote!

Let me know in the comments what's important to you this election? And as always, thanks for reading this!

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Image from near the NYC Marathon finish line on Sunday.

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