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What is a Ticker Symbol?

In the olden days, the stock market used to have its results printed on a thin strip of paper called 'ticker tape' and each company had a short, one to three letter code that stood for that company, followed by the updated price of that company's stock. That code is known as the Ticker Symbol. Today, Ticker Symbols can have four or even five letters, and some of the most popular stocks, like AAPL or GOOGL have that format (can you guess what companies those tickers represent?)

One of the oldest ticker symbols is American Telephone and Telegraph, aka AT&T, whose ticker symbol is just the simple letter T.

Ticker tape parade organizers used to throw the long strips of ticker tape out of office building windows to celebrate heroes, but today, they just use confetti. The image below is of the ticker tape parade celebrating Jesse Owens when he won four gold medals in the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin, which was not just a phenomenal sports achievement, but a human rights victory as well.

Do you follow any company's ticker symbols? Let me know in the comments! And as always, thanks for reading this.

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2 commenti

Lena Polite
Lena Polite
12 ago 2022

I follow quite a few eTF's, but no specific companies...except Tesla...LOL!

Mi piace
Leslie Lewis
Leslie Lewis
13 ago 2022
Risposta a

Hi, Lena Polite! TSLA is certainly a fun one to watch. What have you noticed, if you’re open to sharing?

Thank you for your comment, and for being the first reader ever to comment on this blog!

Mi piace
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