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Tool 3–Money Affirmations and Meditations

Updated: 4 days ago

Money Affirmations and Money Meditations are positive thoughts to help us shift our energy around money.

Sometimes the same amount of money in our bank account can feel like an abundance, or not enough. It's a mindset. Money affirmations like 'I have what I need in this moment' or 'The Universe will reimburse me' are fun ways to soothe any money anxiety we have.

Have you experimented with money affirmations?

Let me know in the comments! And as always, thanks for reading this.

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Quick Links:

Step 1 in the MGB Investing Starter Kit process is HERE

Step 2 is HERE --Keep a Digit Tally, like You Need A Budget or RocketMoney or our free tracker HERE

Step 3 is HERE

What is Investing? is HERE

What is The MGB Investing Starter Kit? is HERE

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