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Step 4 -Open an Account and Get a Check In Chum

Step 4 in the MGB Investing Starter Kit process is to open an account and get what we call a Check In Chum.

Watch these two videos to get more info!

Step 4 part one: Open an investment account! Sign up HERE to be on our waitlist, if you're not already.

Step 4 part 2: Get a Check in Chum!

Do you already have a brokerage account? And do you have a 'financial fluency' friend to bounce investing ideas off of? If not, would you consider getting one, or both? Let me know in the comments! And as always, thanks for reading this!

Quick Links: Step 1 in the MGB Investing Starter Kit process is HERE Step 2 is HERE --Keep a Digit Tally, like You Need A Budget! Step 3 is HERE What is Investing? is HERE What is The MGB Investing Starter Kit? is HERE Sign up for the waitlist to get an investment account with us HERE

To join for our next MGB Investing Starter Kit Workshop, sign up HERE


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