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Financial April Fools Day 2023

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

When have you 'acted the fool' with money? We all make mistakes, we all make money mistakes, but somehow those feel worse than other mistakes. I want to change that! Money mistakes are a part of the process of learning. And if we don't risk making a mistake, that's a mistake in itself. So, if you're open to it, you can hear today's video below, and last year's video on my money foolishness, and share your own in the comments! What money mistakes have you made? Did you recover? Thanks for considering sharing. And even if you don't share, just know that it's HUMAN to make mistakes, even and maybe even especially, with money. Thanks for reading this.

Quick Links:

Step 1 is HERE

Step 2 is HERE --Keep a Digit Tally, like You Need A Budget!

Step 3 is HERE

What is Investing? is HERE

What is The MGB Investing Starter Kit? is HERE

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