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Tool 6--Celebrating Milestones

Updated: Jun 23

In investing, one is actually NEVER DONE. There's always something one could do to improve things. ALWAYS. The market is constantly changing, and new innovations keep coming out that can make things better. If we don't stop and acknowledge the progress we have made, it can feel like an endless process.

That's why this tool, Celebrating Milestones, is SO IMPORTANT. No one else can do it for us. We have to take stock of how far we have come, and celebrate the victories, big or small. This is actually an essential part of the investing process, because how else will we know how we are doing? Tool 7 is Quarterly and Annual Review of our finances, and I’ll be posting about that in July, but that review is a great place to celebrate wins.

Here's a video where I talk more about this tool.

What's a recent milestone for you? Let me know in the comments! And as always, thanks for reading this. That’s something to celebrate, too!

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