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Rev. Dr. MLK Jr

Updated: Jan 26

This brilliant book, written by Dr King in 1963 (the 100 year anniversary of the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation), gives me so much hope for today, even as it's painful to read how huge the struggle was in the past.

"One aspect of the civil rights struggle that receives little attention is the contribution it makes to the whole society. The Negro in winning rights for himself produces substantial benefits for the nation. Just as a doctor will occasionally reopen a wound, because a dangerous infection hovers beneath the half-healed surface, the revolution for human rights is opening up unhealthy areas in American life and permitting a new and wholesome healing to take place."

Page 151-2 in Why We Can't Wait by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

60 years later, this is still true. When Black peoples lives are improved, all of America benefits. l wish that were more apparent, but just as when these words were first published, this concept still doesn't get enough attention.

But here as MGB, we know that the vision of Rev. Dr. King is possible, and we will continue to do our part toward achieving it.

Happy MLK day to you all.


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