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Let's talk about Haiti.

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Did you know that Haiti was forced to pay the modern day equivalent of billions of dollars to France, to 'reimburse' the French for 'losses' when the enslaved Africans organized and overthrew their oppressors in 1804, during the Haitian Revolution? This is just so shocking to me, that France did this, and still has Haiti's money.

Here's more info from Wikipedia:

"After the Haitians gained independence from French colonial rule in the Haitian Revolution of 1804, the French returned in 1825 and demanded that the newly independent country pay the French government and French slaveholders the modern equivalent of US$21 billion for claiming slaveowner's property and the land that they had turned into profitable sugar and coffee producing plantations. This independence debt was financed by French banks and the American Citibank, and finally paid off in 1947."

So much to think about here. Money isn't the answer to everything, or the problem with everything, but it can make a difference.

I stand with Haiti.


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