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Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Happy Fifth of July! So, I must admit, I found it harder to celebrate America this year with the Supreme Court ruling to dismantle affirmative action. 

What can we do in the face of this? What about America's promise of liberty and justice for all?

Here are three actions I offer, that feel useful and meaningful to me in this moment.

  1. Amplify the conversation about Reparations. A great organization for this is Liberation Ventures, led by Aria Florant.

  2. Petition to expand the Supreme Court, Here’s a survey from Color of Change that advocates for that.

  3. Self-care. It’s exhausting. Check out The Nap Ministry on Instagram. Nap Bishop Trisha Hersey gives us all permission to REST.

I hope you all had a restful holiday. 

Of course, another form of resistance is to improve our financial fluency. When we are in control of our financial life, decisions like these can have less impact on us.

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Freedom indeed.

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