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For Us By Us

FUBU founder Daymond John has this great interview with Marie Forleo, as he promotes his new children's book.

My favorite takeaway is the way both of them acknowledge that learning about money is an ongoing journey. Something I teach in The MGB Investing Starter Kit Workshop is that no one knows everything there is to know about money and investing. It's impossible. But learn a few basics and you can take care of yourself financially for life.

Daymond John is mostly talking about investing in yourself with entrepreneurship here, which is great! But he also gives a great example of: when you buy a kid a toy, consider also buying them a share of stock in the company that makes that toy, and seeing what the value is comparatively 10 years after the gift is given.

I actually did something like this with my children 10 years ago, in fact!--bought them each a share of Disney stock, around the same time that they got gifts like the Tiana dress and Cars movie download. Since then, the share price has about doubled, and has paid dividends. Not sure where the dress is anymore and they have long outgrown the movie...

Have you seen Daymond John on Sharktank? What do you think of entrepreneurship as a way to create wealth? Might you check out his new kid's book? And what do you think of this interview?

Let me know in the comments! And as always, thanks for reading this.

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