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Happy Last Day of Black History/Black Futures Month! Plus—

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Dear reader,

I hope you have had a meaningful Black History/Black Futures month. I know I have. With the first-ever nomination of a Black woman for Supreme Court Justice, and the first solo gold medal for a Black woman at the winter Olympics, it has been a banner BHM.

But the world has also taken a big blow—the situation in Ukraine is so disturbing. A reminder to ‘look to the helpers,’ is what comes to mind for me. Check out this article on how the Ukrainian President is staying with his people and making unthinkably miraculous progress in protecting his country from falling to the invaders.

And how does this all relate to investing? Well, if you have been tracking the S&P 500, you will have seen a case study in volatility this past week. The anticipation of the invasion of Ukraine had this indicator plummeting. But once it actually happened, the index had a bounce up. Who knows what may happen next, but it’s worth watching.

And this is another reason to Dollar Cost Average. Because it’s too hard to try to catch the low point, it’s better just to steadily invest over time. That’s the perspective here at the MGB Investing Starter Kit.

I am open to your thoughts, though! Have you been watching the market? Let me know in the comments! And as always, thanks for reading this!

Art by my daughter SLS 🖼

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