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Financial self care

Money touches so many areas of our lives, so that when we are having a hard time, money issues can either be a balm or make things feel worse. Taking care of ourselves financially is essential. Just by reading this blog, you are doing financial self-care--go you!

Here are some other activities you can do that function as financial self-care:

  • Lighting a candle, setting a timer, and putting some attention on finances.

  • Doing some journaling around money, as I wrote about in this blog.

  • Paying a bill.

  • Making an appointment to have a conversation with a financial professional, like an accountant, banker or a financial planner.

  • Taking a look at the S&P 500 and seeing where it's at today--as of 6/27, it's at around 3903. If you do track the S&P500, congratulate yourself for doing so.

And--Taking the next MGB Investing Starter Kit workshop... Sign up is HERE.

I mentioned in this post that my family is currently experiencing a tragedy. To help myself, I'm taking actions of self-care. As adults, it's our job to take care of ourselves first, before helping others, because no one can really do it for us.

What do you do to take care of yourself financially? Let me know in the comments?

and as always, thanks for reading this.

Candle from Harlem Candle Company TY, MD.

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