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Welcome! and What is a recession?

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Hello to all the new followers—thanks for subscribing. So glad you all are here to learn how to get started with investing.

Some of you are here because of this wonderful conference this week where I had the honor of presenting about being an alumna founder of BofA’s Breakthrough Lab, the accelerator that incubated our company for 7 months this past year.

The conference opener was Carla Harris, a brilliant woman. On the topic of ‘Recession’ she said “Please remember that every recession in history has been followed by new highs.…There are opportunities here.”

So good to be reminded! But in the meantime, what IS a recession?

The definition of a recession is when there is a ”significant decline in economic growth that lasts months, even years.".(ABC News)

And “decline in economic growth” is measured by things like the unemployment rate, how much US businesses are making in sales, and other ‘economic indicators.’ (and I'll make a post about those at some later date.)

What does a recession mean for investors? Good question! It depends! But in the short term, if you have been following the steps and tools of the MGB Investing Starter Kit process, you could be well positioned to take advantage of the opportunities that Ms Harris talks about.

If you'd like to learn more about how to invest, and actually take practical steps toward getting ready to invest, please join me for the next MGB Investing Starter Kit Workshop on on Zoom. The cost is $97.79 and the link to sign up is HERE.

As we head into Juneteenth weekend and Father's Day, I wish you well, and may we all feel Free.

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