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Free Digit Tally Money Tracker

One of our readers suggested this, so here it is: a free example of step two --to begin tracking your expenses.

Link to this MGB Digit Tally Money Tracker is HERE or copy and paste this link into your browser:

You will need a gmail account to access it, which can be created for free. Once you access the tracker, make a copy of it for yourself, which you can then edit and tailor to your own ways of spending and earning money.*

Included in this MGB Digit Tally Money Tracker is a sample budget, and some ideas for categories to get you started.

Let us know in the comments if you use it? And as always, thanks for reading this.

*PS If you're not familiar with google sheets, go to youtube and search for 'beginning with google sheets' and there are plenty of tutorials there to get you started with the basics. Happy Tallying!

Quick Links:

What is Money? is HERE

What is Investing? is HERE

Learn more about the next MGB Investing Starter Kit Workshop by clicking HERE

And sign up to join by clicking HERE

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